Food Inventory Management

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Input Inventory is 40%-50% of a commercial kitchen’s food cost. Currently most of the inventory management of perishable food inventory is manual from the time it enters the kitchen to the time it is consumed/discarded.

  1. The commercial kitchens need to know the cost per plate for each food item they sell on their menu to determine their profitability.
  2. They also need to compare the actual inventory to a theoretical inventory so that they can have a clear idea about the reason for discrepancies—waste, theft, expiry, burned food—and start improving on those processes.
  3. Tracking food costs and implementing smart inventory forecasting and management techniques helps restaurants have a correct estimate of future expenditures on inventory.
  4. Although, conventionally, most restaurant owners keep a track of their inventory manually, the process is usually time consuming and can be subject to human errors.
  5. Also, ensuring standardization of inventory helps restaurants / kitchens standardize their food quality and taste as well.

UdyogYantra Kitchen TrackON

(Technology and Design Patent Pending)

UdyogYantra’s (Patent Pending)  Kitchen TrackON, Food Inventory Management Systems is an integrated system which solves the following problems

  • When the inventory reached a remote kitchen from Vendor 1, there is no technology to physically match the Purchase Order to Vendor 1, with the Actual Inventory received apart from bar code scanning (if at all vendor bar codes his packet). In case of fresh food like vegetables etc, there is no tagging for most of the supply chain.
  • The acceptance criterion at kitchen for incoming supplies is subject to human discretion and is also dependent on multiple vendors using different labeling standards.
  • There is no way in which you can digitize the food inventory physical condition at receipt like weight, temperature, size & freshness along with the image of food when received.
  • No inline system of digitized way of consumption or discard of inventory in food consumption.
  • No prediction of low stock in inventory and not integrated with company’s order management system (place orders in inventory vendors)
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