Food Tech

There is a paradigm shift in the food industry in terms of consumer needs and service providers. The Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) and Cloud Kitchens / Internet Kitchens are few examples of the service, which has grown rapidly and facilitates a consumption shift from home cooked food to food cooked in central kitchens. The food is cooked (mostly assembled and heated) and packaged in boxes and thereafter delivered to be consumed within 30 to 60 minutes.

Scale and Standardization of the process for these new age food chains is being made possible with technology being a core differentiation in the food production & delivery process

Though cold chain ensures that a large part of the production process is central and in control, but there is a lot of variables of last mile food preparation that are not controlled centrally. This last mile “defining processes” for a QSR / Cloud Kitchen Food brand could include heating, assembling & packaging of multiple ingredients to be finally served / delivered as a ready to eat meal. It’s very similar to assembly of cars on a manufacturing line, now it’s happening to the meals we are used to eating in homes and dining restaurants.

QSR / Cloud Kitchen brand would want to first know the data of last mile food assembly process and then should be able to control the process centrally as well to overcome the following variables

  • Is the food heated for the right duration?
  • Are all the contents of the food that had to be assembled are assembled?
  • Is the quantity of assembled components in the same proportion as per the recipe
  • Is it under-heated or overheated?
  • Does customer footfall pressure impacting the way the food is heated / assembled / packaged ?
  • Operator skill level / process adherence standards impacting your standardization efforts across locations ?

UdyogYantra has Patent Published solutions based on IIOT, ML & AI that ensure real time monitoring and control of the food assembly process (e.g. freezing, heating, assembling, packaging) across the geographic spread of these cloud kitchens / QSR.