Industry 4.0

The world is witnessing the fourth Industrial Revolution which will be a connected factory with machines gaining a software DNA which will evolve along the dimensions of artificial intelligence (cognitive computing) and IOT (cloud computing). The software defined – network connected machine will be a standard requirement of future factories. Machine builders and manufacturers will need to evolve the software architectures to ensure that their machines are software configurable, scalable to multiple applications and are capable to integrate to the technologies like cloud, 5G, AI etc.

The following timelines of Industrial Revolutions gives an indication of the extreme short gap between Industry 3.0 and 4.0 timelines and it leads to a situation where machine builders will have a huge pressure to adopt to Industry 4.0 at a fast rate or get left behind

With cyber-physical systems getting into manufacturing, it’s exciting times ahead for both man and machines and we are delighted to help factories and machine manufacturers get future ready.