Internet of Kitchen Equipment

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A Cloud Kitchen or a QSR standardizes it’s raw material by ensuring the cold supply chain from various central kitchens, The food needs to be heated in a microwave at the last mile before being given/delivered to customer in a ready to eat format. This last mile heating is a “defining process” and it uses Microwave as a standard equipment for heating frozen/cold chain food.  How can you ensure that

•Is the food heated for the right duration every time?

•Is it underheated or overheated?

•Does customer footfall pressure impacting the way the food is heated?

•Operator skill level / process adherence standards impacting your standardization efforts across locations ?

UdyogYantra (Patent Pending) Internet of Kitchen Equipment approach solves this problem :-

  • An IoT Panel is connected to a standard Microwave thus making it a network connected device. A Standard Microwave now becomes a Smart Microwave
  • From a Mobile App the chef / operator can see what is cooking in each microwave at what temperature. Which Microwave is free to use ! Which is ready with heating complete and food ready to be taken out !
  • From the same App, the Chef / operator will now scan the QR code on the Incoming Food Order. The system fetches from cloud, the temperature till which food order has to be heated.
  • Next, the same app scans  the QR Code pasted on on the microwave.
  • You press confirm on the App to start heating.
  • Microwave will turn on the heating and chef / operator can see the live temperature of the food being heated.
  • The same live temperature is visible to the customer who has ordered the food. Is it a digital version of live cooking !
  • The IoT Panel will also automatically cut off the heating once the desired temperature is reached.
  • Moreover, as a Central Quality and Operations Manager, I have each of my order being monitored in real time on how well it is being cooked.
  • The Restaurant Processes can now be connected to the cloud and controlled centrally. This is the power of Internet of Things in Smart Food.

“This is an example use case of Heating Process being connected to the cloud. However, the same approach can be extended to any Kitchen Equipment and Process. It saves huge capital expenditures of replacing the existing kitchen infrastructure to make your kitchen smart and makes the existing kitchen infra smart by adding an IOT Panel to it with full integrated cloud control and monitoring framework. With 25% capex over your existing assets, the entire kitchen can be connected to the cloud”     Ankur Jain, Founder & CEO,UY

Our Awards and Recognition


UdyogYantra Technologies has been declared as one of the Top IoT Start-ups In India.

We are a MSME registered and DPIIT recognized startup under StartupIndia
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We are finalist of the Innovation Challenge Conducted by NASSCOM.
Part of Aggripreneurship Programme By IIM-Kashipur
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