Internet of Kitchen Equipment

Patent Published Technology

Imagine you are a food brand who has standardized it’s menu its 1000s of outlets/quick service restaurants/kitchens  by ensuring the cold supply chain from various central kitchens, where raw material is sourced singularly and the food is prepared exactly in the same way before being frozen and dispatched to these 1000s of outlets/quick service restaurants/kitchens where the food needs to be heated in a microwave at the last mile and given/delivered to customer in a ready to eat format. This last mile heating is a “defining process” for you as a food brand, and it uses Microwave as a standard equipment for heating frozen/cold chain food.  You might be losing your sleep daily wondering across kitchens :

  • Is the food heated for the right duration?
  • Is it underheated or overheated?
  • Does customer footfall pressure impacting the way the food is heated?
  • Operator skill level / process adherence standards impacting your standardization efforts across locations ?

To help you sleep peacefully, UdyogYantra has developed a Smart Microwave IOT Panel which can be connected to any commercial off the shelf microwave and make it a network connected and controlled device. Independent of the Microwave OEM, UdyogYantra IOT Panel would give the same interface to all the present and future workforce and locations of the food chain. The panel has a number for each recipe of the food brand and these recipe settings can directly be updated by the central operations. The operator has to just press a number against a food type and the desired heating will be done. The logs of how this panel was operated or if the heating cycle was cut short etc. will be available to central operations. The heating is not based on duration but precise temp sense-based control so that accurate heating can be achieved independent of magnetron power differences across OEMs, ambient food temperature differences across locations or operator skill / process issues.

The hardware and software has been designed and thoroughly tested using latest design and test methodologies in our labs and is being deployed with our lead customers for further feedback to be followed by mass manufacturing.  The design is compatible to any OEM. Software designed is also modular and scalable to add functionality and operational logs at any stage.