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In India, 94 percent of children in the age group of 6 to 9 are mildly, moderately, or severely underweight.About 67.5 percent of children under 5 years and 69%of adolescent girls suffer from anemia due to iron and folic acid deficiency.

How to ensure Right Quality and Quantity of Nutrition for Kids at School ?

  • IoT & AI in food has great implications of how schools can re-establish trust among parents & authorities¬† that their child was fed with the right quality and quantity of nutrition at school.
  • There revolutionary impact on how mid day meal scheme of India Government or UN can be tracked to the last student by using AI & IoT¬† to identify the child and the food contents along with the quantity being served to the child in real time.
  • Technology ensures that the right nutrition is reaching to the intended recipient child at the last mile.

Smart Food QC- School

(Technology & Design Patent Pending)

Eating the right nutrients in right quantity is critical for growth of kids. Food heated / cooled to the safe temperature is critical for food safety.With Smart Food QC – School, School Meals will surely be more safer and of high quality !

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