Manufacturing 4.0

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We are an Industry 4.0 focused company building Intuitive, Network & Cloud Ready AI based Solutions (Industrial Internet of Things) to help machine manufacturers, system designers and process automation experts bring AI into the manufacturing and assembly processes making them more capable and efficient. E.g. Remote Predictive Monitoring & Maintenance of manufacturing assets to estimate the reasons of downtime and prevent production losses etc. Focus Industries for Industrial IOT are consumer process manufacturing like FMCG, Food Processing, Pharma, Cement Automotive, Oil & Gas, Power & Textile.

We all know that First Industrial Revolution happened in the 18th century with water and steam started powering our machines, followed by Second Industrial Revolution in 19th Century with electricity driving mass production. Then in 20th Century, computers and electronics aided industrial automation in the 1970s, which is called Industry 3.0. India missed Industry 1.0 & 2.0 completely & 3.0 mostly (we missed products but caught up on services post 90’s), because of being in pre-independence and pre-liberalization phases. Industry 4.0 is the current industrial revolution where network connected machines can talk to each other (Industrial Internet of Things – IIOT) , learn from the past behavior (Machine Learning – ML) and become intelligent from the data and results present on clouds & servers (Artificial Intelligence – AI). UdyogYantra is developing Industry 4.0 solutions by combining IT (Information Technology) & OT (Operational Technology), to make manufacturing more efficient and smart.

With cyber-physical systems getting into manufacturing, it’s exciting times ahead for both man and machines and we are delighted to help factories and machine manufacturers get future ready.


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