National Instruments Products

We are a National Instruments Alliance Partner focusing on supplying NI products & solutions in North India.

Defense & Aerospace

National Instruments is a worldwide leader in Test & Measurement Systems, and we are a National Instruments Alliance Partner in India empowered by NI platform called LabVIEW, which offers seamless integration with third-party analytics packages, databases, and cloud platforms.

From Fighter Aircraft to the Hand Held Radio in the battlefield, the systems are increasingly adopting a software defined architecture and there are valid reasons why this movement is happening

Reduces Development Cost due to Software Reuse

IP Reuse in Software Defined System

In a digital system, hardware need not change for changing or proprietary protocols

Custom Protocol

In a communication system, modulation, demodulation, symbol rate, coding etc. can be made completely configurable to define any custom communication scheme

Custom Modulation

UdyogYantra offers PXI and USRP based software defined systems for the next generation aerospace and defense cyber physical systems


Critical trends in autonomous vehicle technology, vehicle electrification, and the connected car are presenting new test challenges beyond the here and now. The quickly evolving technology landscape increases the pressure on any test schedule and requirements. With NI’s flexible platform-based approach, you can own the test system IP and make changes quickly rather than relying on a third-party vendor. Work with NI to overcome the pressure of these rapidly changing test requirements using an open and easily upgradable platform designed for test system flexibility. Then you can test the vehicles of tomorrow today.

Cluster Inspection Systems
Electronic Module Testers
Infotainment Test Systems
EV Subsystems Test
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