Food Quality & Safety @ Delivery & QSR

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Quality, Quantity & Traceability

The quality of the food delivered to the consumer is one of the key elements, which needs to be monitored by every Restaurant / QSR / Cloud Kitchen to maintain customer satisfaction. Manual inspection of food quality is prone to errors and subjectivity because of the description of the human involved and his skill level.

  • Preference of traceable quality on food production specially temperature (to kill infections)
  • Need for central quality and process control can be ensured through technology
  • Rise of delivery only brands
  • Movement away from dine out to home delivery with contactless manufacturing and delivery.
  • Kids and elders with restricted movement will drive nutritional & high-quality food manufacturing and delivery.
  • Need to digitize the quality & process parameters to be shared with customers.

There is an big need gap in distributed food preparation which is basically cooked / freshly cooked and packaged food which is moving from homes/chef speciality to a manufacturing process. The need is that food preparation (we call it assembly/manufacturing just in time) and it’s supply chain has a traceability of parameters like food image, temperature, weight etc which are digitized and controlled remotely and centrally.

Smart Food QC

(Technology and Design Patent Pending)

Connected System

  • Inline with your Order Management System
  • Enables/Disables Delivery
  • Captured Images can be shared with customers in real time.

Automatic Identification

  • Any 1d or 2D bar code

Simultanous Capture of Weight, Temperature & Image

  • All in One Simultaneous Digitization

Tamper Proof your Food Data

  • Designed for Fool Proof and Tamper Proof Quality Check
  • Cloud Connected Architecture

Multi Pixel Temp

  • Multi pixel Measurement with Advanced Algorithms for Temp

Auto update Firmware

  • Updates & Feature Enhancements possible remotely & centrally

Toughened Glass Design

  • Light & Sturdy Modern Design

Use Cases

Our Awards and Recognition


UdyogYantra Technologies has been declared as one of the Top IoT Start-ups In India.

We are a MSME registered and DPIIT recognized startup under StartupIndia
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We are finalist of the Innovation Challenge Conducted by NASSCOM.
Part of Aggripreneurship Programme By IIM-Kashipur
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