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The problem to be solved applied to Agri & Non-Agri Commodities & Goods which are produced in distributed geographies with varying quality metrics. The price of these commodities are a function on triangulation of Quality-Quantity-Traceability.

  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Agri Commodities like Rice, Grains, Pulses, Oil Seeds etc.
  • Livestock & Meat like Eggs, Pork, Cattle etc.
  • Articles of Apparel, Clothing & Accessories etc,
  • Raw Materials & Intermediate Goods etc.
  • Other Manufactured Goods
  • Chemicals

Current Problem / Limitation:-

  1. Sourcing and Trading of above commodities involves physical travel to the location of produce or intermediate marketplace (called Mandis in India) for verification of quality & quantity.
  2. There is no way to authenticate the cargo by the buyer till the time it reaches him.
  3. The trade transaction is based on trust, past experience, herd movement or other non-rational factors.
  4. To improve authenticity of a trade, the buyer deploys own staff or an inspection agent. This method is unscalable and requires lot of expenditure. Neither it has any digital footprint.
  5. Traditional Method (Human involvement) has it’s limitation in post Covid world as travel has come down to a full standstill.

The need of a standard system and method to determine the Authenticity ( Quality, Quantity & Traceability ) of the above Agri / Non-Agri goods through digital means without human intervention.

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